SSTV or Satellite Activations?

Hi all,
I’ve seen a few posts in the past about using SSTV and/or satellites during an activation. I’ve recently changed my portable equipment set up (I’ve switched from a Raspberry Pi to Microsoft Surface Go for digital modes, tracking, etc.) and now it’s much easier for me to do both and I was thinking about trying it out next week.

Has anyone done it recently?

Andrew, VE3YTP

You might want to get in touch with @EA2EEB for SSTV and @EA4M for SAT. These are 2 EA hams I personally know who are or have recently been active in those areas.
Good luck.


I think Adam K6ARK has done some sat contacts from peaks.

Separately good choice on the Surface Go. I have one I’ve used in the field for SOTA etc and been very impressed especially as occasional MS has them on sale.


Last month I worked LA9XGA/P on LA/RL-153 via the SO-50 satellite, he may be able to give you some information.

73 Victor GI4ONL

I’m attempting SSTV on Saturday from GM/SS-171 on 2M FM.

Which means I should prepare some images and the like for MMSSTV. I’ve got my data cable all made up and tested.

I mean, I’ll get the 4 FM contacts out of the way first, like…

Any suggestions for a frequency? Can I just use a spare simplex channel? I can’t do SSB.

Edit: I know I can use one, but just wondered if anyone had picked a “regular” one yet

Edit 2: @M1EYP has also done this and he was my inspiration for this weekend to be honest

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Some good information here:

I tend to take a picture on my tablet of the summit I’m on just after setting up, and then use that as my transmitted SSTV TX background image.

Right then, who fancies a SOTA 2m SSTV multi S2S event on Saturday? I’m up for it! Just added my alert.

All modes section: 144.500MHz to 144.794MHz would be my choice. Probably calling on 145.500 and asking for SSTV QSOs then QSYing is how I’d do it.

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Thanks - for some reason I’m a little scared of that section of the band, despite hearing FM in there before.

Just the two alerts for 2m SSTV @ 1000z (11am BST) tomorrow as it stands. Anyone else going to give it a go and try to get on a hill for some SSTV on 144.5-ish MHz?

Heavy snow and hail on The Cloud do I just did a quick 2m FM activation and abandoned.

I’ll try again from Gun in about 30 minutes.

Trying again shortly - 144.575 Martin 1.

Thank you everyone for the replies and for posting some summit-top photos!

After some playing around in the backyard with my equipment. I think the plan for now is to attempt some SSTV while I am at the summit, after activating and probably over HF as a bit of a bonus.

As for satellites, I’ll probably save that for when I plan on doing a VHF only activation as carrying around HF antennas and gear as well as satellite equipment will be a lot (I’ve been trying to reduce my pack weight, not increase it). However, I may try to do APRS through ISS or another digipeating satellite, as I can do that with almost any antenna that I attach to my D74.

Mine was a bit of a bust, nobody around to send anything back to me but a nice person did test decoding from me and it was fine.

I did make around 15 QSOs on 2m FM though, with some decent distances, so I’m happy, but I think I could have got more really. One day I want to break my personal QSO distance record.

Looks a bit dodgy up there today Tom, the Lothians by comparison were absolute blue skies if a bit chilly. A gloves day, definitely.

Far too much hail coming down when summited Cloud. I was worried about static, though these fears never materialised into a little shock from the case of my 817 on the later summit.

I bottled out and put out a call on the handie - working just one QSO - thanks Pete 2E0LKC.

I was about to slope off home in a sulk for a nice hot cup of tea. But the precipitation abated, and the wallabies hopped over to say hello as I descended. My mood lifted,and I drove over to Gun for another try.

All the parking spots were taken, so I had to drive round the back way where fortunately there was a space for me beside the start of the path. I set up the SB5 on the summit, but failed to generate any interest in making a 2m SSTV contact. I went onto 2m FT8, working 4 QSOs including Belgium.

I then decided to be popular by activating on 2m SSB with a horizontal beam and not in a contest. That failed spectacularly and I got zero contacts. I hardly needed to try 2m CW to confirm the same success rate.

I went onto 2m FM but still with a horizontal beam as it was now snowing heavily and I didn’t want to get out of my bothy bag. Five stations were worked, culminating in Simon G7WKX who bemoaned missing the SSTV opportunity. No problem, I was happy to rig the tablet and interface up again for another go. We made the contact!