SS-161 Larriston Fells activation 25/10/2007

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Excellent report once again Derek. I’m glad Tufty turned up on time - he took some bribing as my acorn stock is quite low at the moment!

Thanks for the tip on mountain bike access - maybe one for next Easter, though Bev is “Keilder-shy” since I took the family on a 20 mile round bike trip in that area some years ago. Or was it the 14 mile hike over the back of Tosson the next day that did it?

73, Gerald

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Thanks for a great report Derek. It was a pleasure to work you on both of these summits as always.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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I doubt if anyone can ever find that path to Larriston Fell summit. It is marked on the OS 25k map as Bloody Bush & Larriston Fells walk but I can only guess that it was last walked a century or so ago.
73 jim g0cqk

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Nice report, keep them coming. Just a quick question, wouldn’t it have been easier from the other side? Or was there a particular reason for taking that route other than that was the way you fancied?

Nice to chat at the Galashiels Rally.