SS-011 Ben Lomond 2m SSB/FM

Good climb up, 2 hours 45mins and 10 yr old daughter made it to complete her first Munro. 13 2M SSB contacts, Wales, Devon, Gloucs Midlands, GM and GI… on a HB9CV plus 20W at 4feet AGL, mind you the hill helped slightly:)
5 contacts on FM after bribing an impatient 10 year old to stay longer(!)

Thanks all for coming on… a superb day at 3000feet, no wind, no clouds, excellent mountain views.

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and North Yorkshire - was it not worth mentioning Robert! Well done to your 10 year old climbing the Munro, something to tell her friends at school next week.


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Hi Phil
Ah! Well the reason is that Yorkshire is a separate Country not a mere County… I was trying to give the rest of the UK abit of a boost. You probably dont know that in Scotland they enthusiastically teach Yorkshire history.
(Got out of that hole rather well I thought… my situation not Yorkshire of course :slight_smile: