Spotting from Sotawatch3

SotaGoat is gone maybe? Question: When spotting from SotaGoat you did not have to type in your callsign and the summit reference each time you spot. So convenient. Is there a way to achieve this when spotting from Sotawatch3? Thanks, Scott kw4jm

Doesn’t your browser offer the previous entries when you complete the spotting form?

I am speaking of spotting from Iphone when on a mountaintop. My iphone only suggests “words” when you begin to fill a field. In SW3 you have 3 fields to fill each time you spot: callsign, assn code and summit code. In SotaGoat, you do it once and it’s done until you change it.

Well SW3 spotting works like that for me on my phone. Touch “add spot”, spotting page appears, touch “activating callsign” and a list of previous spotted activator calls appears. Same for all the other fields, on touch a drop down appears with the previous entries, scroll amongst those previous values and select or type in a new value.

So simple and and easy to use. I fail to see why people need apps when the browser “just works”.


MM0FMF, I recognize your call sign - you are the inventor and sponsor of the SMS spotting service, right? So please accept my thanks for this. You have saved me several times!
73 Scott

It wasn’t my idea. An HA ham (Zoli?? call??) wrote the 1st one. I wrote mine because I wanted to learn how some of the technologies involved worked and also for my own use. Having got it working for me it seemed a no brainer to let others use it. And it just grew and grew and grew… 1333 mobile numbers and InReach idents in the user list as of now.

The spotter has been up for 13days since the server was rebooted after a security patch. It has handled 201 SMS since then or about 15 a day. Each spot costs $0.007 to receive or $1.41 for 13days plus $2 for the 2 numbers rented per month.

And I have to pay CA sales tax now :frowning:

Do you have a site or link where hams can contribute to help pay the cost?

The donate button on SOTA Shop will be sufficient (Andy bills SOTA iirc)

There are a couple of threads about SOTA Goat on the reflector - it’s currently not maintained but the author promised to provide an updated version… time will tell.
You can use for spotting. If you’re logged-in it will remember your callsign. The “nearby” button provides a list of nearby peaks to make your life even easier :slight_smile:

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Thanks MM0FMF and SP6SUD. Very helpful spotting tips. Also thanks VK3ARR for the donate link. I have wondered how the bills got paid.
Scott kw4jm

People buy the merchandise or awards. Or donate.

Yes, I sent an email to Rockwell and he responded that he is updating SotaGoat … @WW1X any thoughts as to a release date? So many people love SotaGoat!!!

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