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Spotter Program Down

The spotter program, elgur.dtns.net, seems to have been down a couple of days. I have been using the alternate, elgur.crabdance.com, without problems so have not been missing spots.

Ron, KI4TN

dtdns.net closed for business last June. There was a thread about this back at that time.

elgur.crabdance.net:7300 or elgur.dyndns24.ch:7300 are the 2 URLs that are supported.

(DNS24 is a Swiss company and so will be, like many things Swiss, reliable and trustworthy.)

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Thanks, Andy, my wife and I were away for the winter and just now back home getting things organized. I didn’t think to search the Reflector but will make the changes in my software.

73, Ron

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