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When i spotted my self on spot-lite this morning it went ok, But when i got home later, i noticed that the postings had come through a few times, Has any body else had this problem,
Also had problem with long wire,
Steve m0sgb


In reply to M0SGB:

Hi Steve,

Whats up with long wire.
I did not know you was out on a summit Steve as was out early myself so never seen your alert.



In reply to M0SGB:
just looking on the reflector, today 22/08/2007 and I noticed that 2M0XXP/P was on gm/ss-184, was you self spotting your self from a moblie phone as I see you had 11 posting,with the same message, if so does any one else get this problem, like I’ve done, – I did SP-010 and TW-004 self spotting and got loads of them, at no extra cost hi hi…
Steve m0sgb