Spotlite spotting fails for association FL


I’ve gotten a report that my SOTA Spotter app for Android fails to send spots for the FL (France - Low) association. The problem seems to be with Spotlite, since that is what SOTA Spotter uses for sending spots via the Internet. The response I get is:

The association you gave was not valid.
SPOTlite submission failed

Other associations seem to be spotted correctly. Is there a bug crawling in there or just some highly selective maintenance going on?


Hi Bogdan,

Have you tried spotting the same FL summit through the standard web GUI ?

I suspect you may have a similar issue as I believe it is a problem between SOTAWatch and the validation file (s) it loads from the database not being up to date.

I saw today that a new F (not even FL) summit was being reported as unrecognised in SOTAWatch. I’m sure the guys will get to it as soon as they can.


Hi Ed, thanks for your response. I just made an attempt through and the spot was posted successfully (I deleted it afterwards). So it would seem that only Spotlite is affected.


OK understood - that’s interesting as a week ago, Spotlite (V2) was working when SOTAWatch wasn’t with some summits. Looks like this is something different then. I didn’t think Spotlite validated the summit info - obviously it does. In any case the problem is not with your SOTA Spotter App.

No, it clearly isn’t the app. I tried using Spotlite directly with the web browser and the result is the same - association not valid.

Any official response regarding this issue? Anyone?

Sorry Bogdan, I missed this. It’s a known problem to do with SOTAwatch. SOTAwatch applies hard filtering to the association, region and summitref. This was to stop non-SOTA spots. This means SOTAwatch has to know of the summits or you cannot spot. Spotlite allowed a more relaxed view of what was a SOTA summit but it still needs to use a valid association.

With the (delayed) but imminent demise of SOTAwatch, the painful way new associations were added has been dropped. This means SOTAwatch is unaware of many new associations and FL/xxx will fail along with ZB2 or OY etc. I will ask Jon is something can be done.

Thanks for the information, I hope the problem can be resolved without too much hassle.

As for the “demise of SOTAwatch”, this will affect SOTA Spotter and other third-party apps. Will there be an official API for retrieving/posting spots? Is there any information about this anywhere? A time frame for the change?


There is an API for retrieving spots. It is incomplete as there is no posting method yet. The retrieval is being tested by SOTA cluster. There will be an API for retrieving and posting alerts. It’s not public yet AFAIK. The plan is to include a changeover period for apps to be changed.

As for a timeframe, I don’t know but I’ll see what the latest ideas are.

OK, thanks for the info. I will keep an eye on the reflector, I assume the announcement will be posted here.

When I first tried sotalite, the get url button did work, but now I get
This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.


This is being worked on at present.

Yes, I spy tests spots on the FMF Cluster…

Thanks Andy


Jon is doing the real work not me.