Spotlite help please!

Dear All,

I am currently setting up Geoff 2E0BTR’s mobile to access spotlite. I have run into problems.

The “main” page at Summits on the Air renders just fine on the old Motorola W220. However, when attempting to access one of the links to put up a spot or an alert the phone simply displays the error:

“XHTML Browser: Bad content encountered”

All pages render just fine on my LG KS360. The quick and dirty workaround would be to use the old version of Spotlite, but I am lead to believe that this has now given up the ghost.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Dave M0MYA

Sorry I can’t really help with using the Spotlite Features, However the two pages that link from the URL both contain invalid HTML mark-up - They have duplicate /html and /body tags. Perhaps the phone is a little fussy about the page formatting.

Stewart G0LGS

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Thanks Stuart. I’d wondered about this myself. Running the pages through the validator at chucks up a few errors besides the ones you mention. I had thought that a possible workaround may be to knock up a super simple form that adheres strictly to the standards, but submits to the same “things” that the existing spotlite does.


Dave MW0MYA.

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Forget what I just said my son tells me I am talking rubbish. He is looking at the code now.


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I am talking rubbish.


After briefly reviewing the provided code I would suggest the following changes

All Pages

Remove this line from the html and it should be okay:

This is not required at all, if the developer wants to have it in change the charset to UTF-8

Page 2 (SPOT)

has an extra at the bottom this needs removing

Page 3 (Alert)

needs this removing from the bottom:

James Studdart
E-commerce and Web Development Director

James says the problem is the char set used is none-standard and not supported by all mobile phones. After that he was way over my head.

Hope this helps Steve GW7AAV

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I had a similiar problem in that all was ok then it didnt work? Entering the URL can be tricky to get right so i went around it another way.

Create the URL on your home PC then copy and paste the link into an email, then email to yourself … so far? Now open the email on your mobile click the link and bookmark on your phones browser.

I have a couple of old mobiles and so far i can get them all to work on spotlite. Hope this helps. Sean M0GIA

In reply to M0GIA:

I did something similar but for a lot of the time it is just as easy to use the normal SOTAwatch spot page on a lot of modern mobile phones, however spotlite is cheaper for those of us on “Pay as U Go” to use as it hardly uses any bandwidth.

In reply to GW7AAV:

Hi Steve and James,

Thank you for your thoughts on the matter. They seem to be spot on (pardon the pun). I have copied the source of the spotlite spot and alert pages, made the suggested alterations, and uploaded it to a free host. I hope that this is not considered to be ripping anybody off.

The page for posting an alert can be found at:

while the spotting page is at:

These pages render just fine on Geoff’s old and finickey phone, and I have been succespul in making test postings. However, do be warned. I have only done this as proof of concept, rather than a lasting solution. The hosting I am using requires me to log into their forums every two weeks in order to show I am alive. I have a busy brain, and a poor memory, so I am likely to forget this, meaning the pages are likely to disappear. A better solution would be somebody with a bit of hosting who would be prepared to host the pages. The best solution would be for the MT to implement the same changes that I have on the existing pages. Hope this helps.


Dave M(W)0MYA