Spot the difference

Was looking at the pictures of Andy’s over night activation and the XYL glanced at the screen and asked why my picture was there!!

I suppose there are some similarities.

73 Glyn

Wow! Two George Clooney lookalikes with a radio as a hobby. If you are wondering which is me and which is Glyn, I’m most handsome. :smile:

And the crabbit looking one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In late November 2013, I was on Long Mynd Pole Bank early one Saturday, wrapped up as it was rather chilly… Guy came walking past, wished me ‘Good Morning’ and asked if I’d had as many contacts as the previous Saturday on Stiperstones… Only I hadn’t been there… He assured me that he had, indeed, seen me there…
Next call that came in was a S2S from Tom, M1EYP/P on Gun, who informed me that he was the one on Stiperstones the previous Saturday…

Poor Tom, having me mistaken for him :wink: What a terrible fate to befall him… :grimacing:


Now which Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) would that be then?

73 Jack(;>J

I’m getting worried. You lot are starting to remind me of the bunch of hard b_____s that used to hang out at the ramshackle Creagh Dhu CC hut under the Buachaille, I think they called it Jacksonville, and if there was trouble at the Kingshouse or the Clachaig that is where the miscreants returned to! Of course, I am talking about forty or fifty years ago but old habits die hard!


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Don, you poor chap. Deepest sympathy extended. Well, empathy I guess.

Hi Jack - a few years ago I was visiting a salmon smokehouse just south of Granton on Spey and asked the girl behind the shop counter if she would sell me the signed photo that was above the till. With a very indignant look on her face she asked why I would want a photo of her boss, to which I enquired if she knew who he was. This time with a bemused look on her face she repeated her previous answer and said “he’s the boss”. My response was “have you ever heard of Ian Anderson, lead singer and flutist with Jethro Tull?” To which she replied “no who’s he” - my answer “your boss”. I never did get that signed picture of Ian and to be fair I don’t think she cared who he was as long as he paid the wages.

73 Glyn

I wonder how much a month Ian’s spending on “Just For Men” ? :slight_smile:

These discussions put me in the mood for a wee blast of Tull at Madison Gardens last night along with a couple of wee ‘goldies’. (a simulcast broadcast on BBC 2 & Radio 1 - turn the telly volume down and get the stereo off Radio 1 - remember? - 1978 one of the first live broadcast concerts - I think the ‘Old Grey Whistle Test’ had a hand in it?)

Slept well but having a problem picking-up what Anne’s saying this morning though :heart_eyes:

Till the next ‘blast’


Jack (;>J

I remember the simulcast well as I was still studying for A-levels and had to stay up late to watch it. I’m sure I had triple maths the next morning, 2 periods of Pure Maths and 1 period of Pure&Applied Maths. (ah, can I still remember all the maths by simple harmonic motion and motion in a circle…no!)

I saw Tull in Perth in the really nice theatre they have there in 2008 or so. It was ever so good. The sound was excellent and was loud enough to know you were at a concert but not too loud (Lemmy & Motorhead take note). Best was they did the favourites and new stuff and were just so damn good at playing the instruments. It was just all done so very well.

Grantown Smokehouse is now owned by Youngs Seafood and threatened with closure because Sainsbury’s want to buy their Smoked Salmon (Scottish of course) from a supplier in mainland Europe - Youngs are also trimming down or closing their plant in Fraserburgh and moving the work to Grimsby - politics of course!!!
Ian Anderson still has his estate at Strathaird on Skye (I believe) and is/was a model landlord, well liked on the island.