spontaneously activated HB9 Lowland Summits in Ticino

The current weather at home is just awful.

That’s why I spontaneously decided to spend a few days in Ticino… to activate a few HB9 Lowland-Summits.

Yesterday I booked a holiday flat and today I left early in the morning… On the way there I was already on HB/TI-145, HB/TI-144 and HB/TI-152.

The way to HB/TI-144:

I didn’t expect so much snow. I think it had thawed away, but last night it did quite a bit.

Until Friday I want to activate HB/TI-146 and all Lowland summits south of Lugano.

Tomorrow it’s HB/TI-151 and HB/TI-153. The snow higher up can still thaw a bit. I can’t say when I’ll be where yet.

Today, when I came down from HB/TI-144, my intestines gave me quite a hard time. In Medeglia there is an excellently maintained toilet at the car park below the church.

Just as a hint :wink:

73 Armin


Hallo Armin
Danke für das heutige S2S QSO und viel Spass noch im schönen Tessin.



Schade, dass du nicht länger hier bleiben kannst und weitere Summits aktivierst… dann hätte ich vielleicht Chance auf ein paar completes. :wink:

The weather is perfect for hiking.

This morning I do HB/TI-102 and in the afternoon HB/TI-146.
Maybe it is still enough time for HB/TI-158 on the way home (If not I do it on Friday).

Tomorrow it will be HB/TI-147 and HB/TI-149.

On Friday I will have tired legs


73 Armin


I left out HB/TI-146.
The road from Bigorio to the Convent and to the car park is closed this week and next week from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 due to road works.

73 Armin

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