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Spike for laminated mast


Hi everybody.
AB4PP asked me about some information of my spike. Here it is for the others:
The lenght is 70 centimetres, the pipe has average 22mm and thickness is 2mm. The weight is 0.64 kilograms. I take a small hammer and the weight is 0.5 kilograms. It all works great :slight_smile:

The mast is 10m MINI https://www.dx-wire.de/lng/en/fiberglass-poles/
I use from this mast only 7m, the center of dipole is 6.5m height. For fixing the mast I use a rubber load.
My set up takes 25 minutes to build. I use home made dualband wire dipole for 20m and 40m. It works well.

The idea is from OK1MLP and he got it from YO9IRF on SOTA marathon 2017

Firstly I hammer the spike into a ground then I insert the mast. There are two rubbers wide 70mm and thickness 4mm around the mast. When I hammer the spike together with the mast I could damage the mast. The rubbers are need because on the bottom of the mast is a bung of bigger average.

There are my activations with this equipment:

73 de OK1JHR mostly portable :slight_smile:


A lot to haul …
handcrafted very well … and you have a nice photo page too :+1:

73 Armin


Yes, I agree with you the weight isn’t so good but on the other hand this equipment helping me on my portables.
Thanks for your visit my photos :slight_smile: