Special Events Day

Burnley Amateur Radio Club are having a Field event on Sunday the 9th Of March, and will be operating on HF and VHF from a site approx 50m from the trig point on the summit of Black Hill in Lancashire. Although its not a SOTA summit we are hoping to work many stations that are participating in SOTA both in the UK and Europe. Our Club callsign will be used MXØSTB, and we will be inviting the many walkers, passers by and any other interested parties to come and see what Amateur radio is about, giving SOTA some great exposure and potentially some new participants. There may also be a smash and grab activation of Pendle Hill SP005 but it will be WX and time permitting.
Please look out for us on the day and we would be only to happy to work all the SOTA stations we can in the day.

Cheers all

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just a quick bump… bump!!!

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In reply to M0LMP:
just a quick bump… bump!!!

Please please please don’t start that rubbish on here!

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Lee you need to act like Jeckel and Hyde and log into the site under a different callsign (did you hold one previous to M0LMP?), maybe using your second Christian name if you have one. Then you can legitimately talk to yourself about the Special Events Day and no-one will be the wiser :wink:

73, Gerald

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Well Steve forgive my unbelievable ignorance and shameful conduct on trying to give a little publicity to an event that may interest others, and be of benefit to said others.
If the word “bump” is deemed as contextual advertising in your book and it really does annoy you then I suggest you refrain from frequenting sites that use it too much. This reflector hasnt suffered from “bumpism” in the past and one or two here and there for a good cause shouldn’t and probably hasn’t bothered many of its users.
But in true stiff upper lip style, I do say if this article has offended anyone, especially the Anti Bumpism League, then please accept my sincere apology it will not happen ever ever ever again !!!

Oh and Gerald, thanks for the tip, appreciate it… 73’s


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Bumpism as you call it has long been frowned upon, since way before the Internet in fact and is considered by many to as heinous a crime as Trollism. It wastes peoples bandwidth which slows down the Internet and costs those poor cousins on dial up real pennies and it really gets on my wick.

Please bear in mind that some folk receive their reflector posting vie e-mail.

If no one was interested enough to reply in the first place why would we want to see it all again, so why bump?

I have no problem with off topic stuff like this as it is all radio/walking/climbing related, but this reflector has been completely free of
what would on other places on the net be considered bad manners.

You may have noticed it has been seen as a problem on other radio sites like Junksale where rather than ban it altogether they have restricted people to three bumps and then your advertisement is removed.

This is just my opinion but an opinion that is held by many others who are just too shy to state it. Good luck with the event. No hard feelings and Oh look it’s back to the top again :0)

Regards Steve GW7AAV

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I am not taking sides in this “debate”, but I really can’t see a problem with Lee’s placing of just three posts on the reflector.

I recently asked a fellow sota participant on the reflector if it was really neccessary to post his activation report of the same summit each day and received a sensible and reasonable reply.

A few of you requested that he carry on and passed comment in support of those multiple posts and the persons right to post every day, which I happen to agree with.

So what’s the problem with Lee having a measly 3 posts? I would like to know Lee’s percentage of reflector use compared to others!!

73 Mike GW0DSP

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So what’s the problem with Lee having a measly 3 posts?

Saying bump is the perceived problem. Or put differently, posting new content to an established thread even if the content is similar to previous postings is not perceived as a problem.


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Exactly, it’s a matter of perception.

I personally don’t perceive it as a problem, crikey the man has had 3 posts, that’s all, irrespective of the content.

We have no arguement surely? not when others are patted on the back for posting an almost replica activation report every day.

It’s getting alarmingly more obvious that there seems to be one set of rules for one group and another set for the rest within sota.


PS Are we not guilty of the same crime? Each of us who have posted since Lee’s bump have done just that, bumped it for him again:-)

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Are we not guilty of the same crime? Each of us who have posted since Lee’s > bump have done just that, bumped it for him again:-)

It is to do etiquette and valid discusion is concidered valuable were as bumping is concidered…Well I already said it!

It is usually carried out by children or childish adults who feel the need to get their post count up, so they look like important posters on forums.

Plus it pushes new interesting stuff over the page and they gets missed.

In the days of BBS it was enough to get you a ban. There simply are more elegant ways of self promotion. Such as playing Devil’s avocate; just so long as you don’t lapse into Trollism. Maybe I am a traditionalist and maybe the traditions haven’t been around long, but without rules…you know the rest.

Oh look he’s a the top again :0D

Steve GW7AAV

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I’m not getting involved in any arguments with close friends over this one Steve and I do understand where you are coming from, but please, live and let live, Lee = 3 posts another chap with daily activations which are almost identical in content = 10 billion postings, (I don’t mean any offence to the chap in question, it’s just 1 example)I really can’t see your problem, as a matter of fact, you have posted more on this thread than Lee!! I do think you are having a pop at the wrong guy about using up bandwidth.
We will have to agree to disagree on this one mate. Now get up Tal-y-Fan and give me some points, hi.

73 Mike

73 Mike

In reply to M0LMP: Yes I will be there, I also plan on taking my FT8900 and my Co-linear with me to see where I can get to as well I also have spare batteries and solar as well.

I hope that many people will have an enjoyable day.

M3VQE - REV Martin Hazel

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Love to come - but jetting off to EA8 that day, - Steve.

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Hell fire Steve, seems you spend more time out of the country these days, will you be applying for an EA callsign soon ?? HI
Have a good one Steve !! (INK that is)

At least some people have a life !!!

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We now have 23 people confirmed to be attending, so if you are in the area of Burnley in Lancashire on Sunday the 9th then please come and see us at Black Hill car park, SD 78423 36705 all welcome.


Just to let you all know, we will be continuing our plans for the BADARC Field Day this Sunday, no matter what the weather we will be on air from 10.00 am on both HF and VHF and possibly even UHF. Our locator square for operations is IO83UT.