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Special callsigns for 30 years of Slovenia`s independence

As you maybe already noticed we can use special callsigns for 30 years of Slovenia`s independence from 26th of June till the end of the year 2021. There will also be an award free of charge issued for those who will work with these special call radio stations.
The “formula” for special callsign is very simple. We just add “30” in our callsigns:
S57D = S5730D
S53YL = S5330YL
S50AAA = S5030AAA

See you on the air!

73; Milos S57D

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So, one of the stations in your example operates in Hawai’i, Milos. I work him and he signs KH6/S513ØAAA/P. I could go get coffee or do 5Ø pushups whilst he is signing. :rofl:


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Heh Heh!
I don’t know if that one would fit in the call field of my log program!
I did work S5030R but that’s a bit shorter.

S51AAA was only an exampe call which is not issued yet, so that KH6/S5130AAA/P must be a pirate. I changed the example call “S51AAA” with S5 SOTA radioclub call S50AAA.

73, Milos S57D (S5730D)

More about the award on Slovenia Contest Club’s website: