SP Sudetes winter wonderland overnighter - Day 1

I thought I would write a short report on the activations of SP/SW-001 and SP/SW-002 last week-end. Poland is not featured very often on the reflector and I think this trip is an excellent opportunity to showcase this part of the world!

I had been waiting for decent weather to go hiking in the Śnieżnik landscape part and activate its main summits, Czarna Góra SP/SW-002 (Black Mountain) and Śnieżnik SP/SW-001. The opportunity came with a forecast of two sunny and cold days on Sunday and Monday. I planned a day off, and frantically packed my backpack on Saturday evening after going sledding with the family.

~~ Photograph legend is below each photograph ~~

I left home on Sunday morning at a comfortable 8.30am, and after less than two hours, I reached Międzygórze. I put on my shoes, gaiters and there I was, going through the town and wondering what I had forgotten at home… it turned out much later, than I had not forgotten anything :wink:

Shortly, I had my first goal of the day in sight, Czarna Góra. The walk was gentle and uneventful.

I reached the popular peak (a lift on the other side of the mountain brings skiers a 10 minutes walk to the summit).

I deployed my slim-jim antenna and made 16 FM contacts - by far my personal record in Sudety (it certainly helped that I announced my trip on local Facebook forums!) and a good DX at 164kms. After having a cup of tea, I was in a hurry to come down the mountain to part with the crowds…

Realizing my timing was pretty good, I decided to take a detour and visit Mariańskie Skały, a group of rocks slight off the main path which I had never seen. It proved a good idea; the view was splendid; I could admire Śnieżnik (on the left), as well as the place I chose to bivouac in the evening, Średniak, the summit in the foreground on the right.

I kept going and eventually reached my bivouac place, more than an hour before sunset which gave me ample time to create a platform for the tent. I didn’t regret taking my SnowClaw which made this work a lot easier! It’s a practical tool to carry snow for melting as well :slight_smile:

After a warm dinner, I spend long minutes enjoying the sunset and taking a lot of pictures!

A lot of pictures…

After the sunset, the temperature dropped very quickly; I snugged into my sleeping bag, watched a movie on my phone as it was still early. At around 8pm, I turned off the lights and went to sleep.

Link to Day 2


Thanks for the great report with beautiful pictures.
I can’t wait for your next activation report!


Wow. Stunning pictures. And lots more snow than we normally get in England.

Oh, the same here each time, when I’m starting an activation. :worried:

Hi Romain,

Amazing achievement & beautiful adventure :wink:
Winter hiking with overnight is awesome.
You are hero !

73, Jarek

Thanks for super photos Romain. What an adventure !
73 Dave

If you didn’t tell me it was Poland I would have guessed the Adirondack Mts in New York State! Beautiful pictures and thanks for the motivation.