Southern Pennines local knowledge required please

Evening all,

Contemplating a Bank Holiday Monday activation at the bottom end of the SP zone (Shing Tor perhaps?), and wanted to ask any local folk if the summits are unusually busy on Bank Holidays?

I know most summits tend to attract more people on Bank holidays, but any info would be welcomed.

I’d like to include HF in an activation, but appreciate it’s not easy with a summit full of day trippers :grin: there’s always 2m SSB I suppose, the guying for that pole is considerably more compact than the HF dipole!

Thanks in advance,


Shining Tor will be pretty busy. In fact I would expect all SP summits to get some traffic on a Bank Holiday Monday, particularly if the weather is good.

But the AZ is large on most SP summits and there is plenty of space to get away from the paths.

Thanks for the info, much appreciated. Looks like the usual Bank holiday wx might put a stop to an activation though, we had thunder & lightning for most of the day yesterday, and I don’t want to be sat on a hill with a ‘lightning attractor ‘ connected to my radio! :confused:

Will be scanning the forecasts this morning, so we’ll see.



Looks OK to me Bob…

Yes, I expect summits will be busy, but there’s plenty of space within the AZs on SP-004, SP-013 and SP-015. You don’t have to set up right at the summit, and it would be both wise and considerate NOT to do so today I imagine.

Thanks Tom, I was coming to a similar conclusion…

Need to get all my jobs for today done as quickly as possible then! :grin:

Right, alert added! Nothing like committing to an alert to sharpen the focus :grin:

Hope to work some of you later.


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