Southern expedition

To celebrate post-COVID, I’ve renewed my passport and got the necessary visas to head dahn sarf next week. My beloved’s plan is to see friends and family, mine is to activate SOTA. Alerts are on SOTAwatch; the dates are accurate, but the timings are pure guesstimates (depending on all sorts of things such as when we have breakfast - apparently this “is supposed to be a holiday” :innocent:).

If I remember, I’ll be operating as GQ6PJZ/P! Looking forward to working you from distant pastures (oh yes, and seeing friends and family of course :wink:)


Remember to take some strong beer with you so you don’t have to partake of any Southern Shandies or (heaven forbid) Watneys Red Barrel.


Best of luck with your activations, Andy. I’ll be keeping an ear out for you. Hopefully I’ll get some G/SE completes!

73 - Matthew M0JSB

Hope so Matt

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Oh dear, you’re a rather behind the times Andy. In this more enlightened age there are some excellent ales emanating from darn sarf. My own favourites come from Badger Brewery in Dorset, but as they say, other breweries are available. Anyway (at the risk of causing a riot), who in SOTA drinks shandies? :wink:

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Wow! I love it down here. Sunny, high 20s (centigrade) and 2 of the summits (out of 6 so far) had benches and one even had an ice cream van!! We don’t get these amenities oop north!

When I told my wife which countries I had worked from one of the summits, she was very impressed and thought I should get extra points. I think so too :wink:

Two more SOTA days then a short break for family duties. Activations will be resumed idc.


Bench? Wooden one? Luxury! We 'ad to fashion seat owt of bits of old wood.

One wooden one (complete with table) and one stone one. I was thinking after I posted that we’d probably get more benefit from a soup or bacon butty van than ice creams. It’s nice to see how the southerners live though

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