SotaWatchFilter not picking up new spots

Hi, probably a message for ON6ZQ re your excellent SotaWatchFilter web app:

Maybe it is just me, but SotaWatchFilter seems to be not picking up new spots since Sunday 3rd Nov. Probably just lost a connection and just needs a swift kick in the appropriate place ;-).

73 Andrew G4AFI

I’ve been using it daily, and it has been working flawlessly. Just looked and it is showing me exactly what I expect to see based on SOTAwatch.

Restart your browser / computer? Make sure you didn’t change something on the settings page that is limiting the spots that show up.

Thanks @ON6ZQ for this fantastically useful tool!


Hi Josh,
Thanks for that confirmation. I am out of the shack but tomorrow I will do some restarts, the issue is obviously at my end. AFAIK I haven’t changed anything.

73 Andrew G4AFI

Hey Andrew… I noticed some spots missing Today when comparing the Filter to SotaWatch, but when I flip the switch under where it says “Spots Filter” they showed up. Not sure why they were filtered out since I hadn’t logged the station yet. If you notice spots missing, try turning off that switch and see if they appear.


Hi Josh,

On the filter page, the default filter is set to disregard the spots with “ignore” and “test” in their comment.

Could it be the cause of what you noticed ?

No, the missing spots were not test spots. I can send you screenshots if you like. It has been working fine since then, so I concluded it was some temporary problem.



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Hi Josh,
I restarted Sotawatch Filter as you suggested and it is back to normal for me.

73 Andrew


The issue is happening again right now.

KE5AKL just got spotted but he isn’t showing up in the filter.

Screenshots here:



I can see in the log the server had internet connectivity issues today ;-(

Thanks for letting me know.