SOTAwatch "Summits within region" not showing number of activations

Looking at the “Summits within region” pages on SOTAwatch, The “Activations” column doesn’t seem to be being filled in with the number of times the hill has been activated. The “My Activations” and “My Chases” columns are being filled in, and if I drill down into an individual summit SOTAwatch does know the number of times it’s been activated.

I was last using this a few weeks ago when planning our recent trip to GM/WS & GM/NS land, and it worked then (and as a result there are three less never activated GM/WS hills, though our logs are still to be checked and submitted). Now planning a GM/ES & GM/CS trip, but I don’t think there are any unactivated hills there left to do!


Hi Caroline,

I’m sure the powers that be will get it sorted soon. I’m not sure if it is Andy or John that looks after that part. But you are correct, there isn’t any unactivated summit left in GM/ES or GM/CS - I think Colwyn snatched the last few.

Good to get you on your last trip although it was only on one summit. Looking forward to trying again the next time.

73 Neil

Just back home now Carolyn. We had some problems importing the lists of summits last week so this will probably be related to this issue. It will be attended to ASAP but as both Jon and myself have been away most of the weekend we have a number of family/life issues to catch up with first. It may be a day or three before this is resolved.

It was a shame that HF conditions were rubbish for most of the week - we would have liked to have been able to give more chasers a chance to get the first activations.

As it was on Beinn na Muice Martyn only got 4 contacts, and it definitely wasn’t a hit and run activation.

I’ll try to write an activation report later, but for now I’ll just note for anyone considering that one that ascending via the east ridge is not recommended. It was sufficiently steep and awkward that at one stage we feared that we couldn’t go up or down. It was about that point that Martyn was somewhat surprised to find a map in an Ortilieb mapcase just like we use lying on the ground. He initially thought I’d dropped it, but then realised I was behind him! So we weren’t the only fools to have gone that way! We de-littered the hill by taking the mapcase with us and heaved ourselves up hanging onto heather in places! Don’t know how long the map had been there - it was a “updated 1985” one, so it could have been a good few years!

Hi Caroline

Sorry to hear you had poor conditions for your trip. There’s been a lot of it about lately :frowning:

Beinn na Muice is a pretty impressive looking hill close up! We were planning to do it via the Eastern flank (which seems to be the “standard” approach) on our trip last year, but ran out of time. Will be interested to read of your experiences. Looking across from Beinn Dubh an Iaruinn the West flank looked pretty hairy too…

73 de Paul G4MD