SOTAWatch Spots & Alerts web pages repeated outages

Hopefully this is just a maintenance time slot, but at the moment both and are timing oout and not returning their usual pages. Current time 04:52 UTC.

73 Ed.

OK - it’s back now (05:30 UTC 24/8/18) - must have been a maintenance outage.

73 Ed.

Sotawatch has not been responding since before 2100 utc on friday.

Looks like it’s still down at 02:20UTC on 24 Aug. Hoping it’s back up soon!

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Was fine with m,e all of yesterday, now (05:15 UTC 25/8/2018) it’s gone again …

73 Ed.

I guess that was a typo Rex? it must be 25th not 24th (UTC day) with you I think?

73 Ed.

Yes indeed. You got me there. I meant the 25th.

No worries with the difference between local time and UTC this can easily occur.

SOTAWATCH IS Back now - 05:35 UTC 25/8/18

73 Ed.

P.S. becuase of their repeated nature, I’ve sent a note to Jon GM4ZFZ about these problems to see if he can help.


Sorry about this everyone. I’ll be looking into why it happened.

Meanwhile, in the event of SOTAwatch going down again, there is an alternative site here which may be of use - although very much still a work in progress.

73, Jon


Thanks Jon. How tantalising! A glimpse into the future?

73 de Paul G4MD

Well, Jon, it looks to me like a work progressing very nicely.
Looking forward to beta testing :slight_smile:

It is so! I’ll wait until it’s finished, can’t read on phone very well. Keep up the great work! Cheers.

FYI - down again today. Looks like since about ~2140ish.
KX6A Michael

Yes, I’m playing the waiting game. I’m getting a bit hacked off with this and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Apologies again. I think we’ve sorted the issue now.

I see from my logs for APRS2SOTA that it was unable to get a response from the Spotlite server for a period of time early on 25th (02:45) and again later on 25th (21:34) until after 01:56 on 26th.

Stewart G0LGS