SOTAwatch Reflector Daily Digest

A few months ago I started getting the daily email digest from the reflector, and have generally found this an easier way to keep in touch with discussions, with a couple of exceptions.

Firstly, it appears that the Monthly News article and any comments made on it do not get included in the digest, which means that I quite often fail to notice that another month has gone by and there is something interesting to read. Could we have the “News” in the digest too please?

Secondly, sometimes the digest email doesn’t appear, and this happened today. Coincidentally I was acting as stand-in “postmaster” for the domain that handles my email, and I found the digest as a fail report in postmaster’s email. It appears that the system which stores my email had rejected the digest as “spam” (presumably because of the “Scam email - Google” article). However the fail report hadn’t been returned to the SOTAwatch site because the SOTAwatch mail site also rejected it as “spam”! Ideally a system wouldn’t send out mail that it wouldn’t accept back, but that may not be easy to achieve. It would be helpful if people could avoid posting things that are obviously spammy to the reflector. Just hoping that this mild discussion of spam doesn’t cause agressive email spam filters to drop the digest again!


In reply to M3ZCB:

Oh dear, automatic systems trying to be intelligent, the obvious precursor to SkyNet! Perhaps we can confuse the filters by using the word Hormel instead of spam ?