SOTAwatch - Recent Summit Information


One feature I miss on SOTAwatch2 is the ability to view the list of recently submitted summit information. Is it possible to implement this on SOTAwatch2 ?

73 John GW4BVE

Good call John. That was one of my favourite features too.

…and still is.

I was just having a nosey round there this morning and discovered a very entertaining tale about trying to activate Cheriton Hill, by 2E0JJD.

I would definitely recommend a periodic click on the “Recent Summit Info” link (top and bottom of SOTAwatch pages) to unearth such nuggets and be entertained.

I tend to agree that making oneself less visible/obvious is probably good practice on the more “urban” summits. Not that I ever do before anyone accuses me of contradiction! I tend to go for the “Excuse me, I’m going up there to do this, where’s the best place for me to leave my car?” approach, which more often than not removes the mystique from what I am up to and secures me a rare private parking spot.

So it was for me on Cheriton Hill. We parked, on the advice from the homeowners there, right in front of the water board gate, and operated in full view of the house. Strangely, 80m really did the business on that occasion, despite it being mid-afternoon on a baking hot midsummer day. Perhaps assisted by the abundance of water in the vicinity.