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SotaWatch Problem

There appears to be a problem with SotaWatch not accepting new spots or alerts it claims that summit is not valid.

Posting via Spotlite seems to be fine.

Hi Stewart,
Just confirming, I am seeing the same issue (i.e. it’s not your end with the problem, it appears to be the server)

73 Ed.

Looks like the DB host is down…

I’ll give them a few moments to compose themselves and see if it all comes back up otherwise I’ll raise a ticket.

I first noticed around 11:00 GMT

database is back now (13:12)

Thanks Hans. I raised a ticket about 1240 and had a long boring meeting. Nice to come back and find the support ticket fixed and the DB now running.

That should have fixed spots etc. too and the SOTA cluster which were affected in a knock on manner.

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The SOTA Cluster appears to have a problems:

This morning Spot Collector refuses to connect and I get some odd message about to many attempts and being blacklisted for 1hr.

Having accessed via my Web Hosting server - the last visible spot seems to be at 1749z Yesterday from VE6IXD on VE/RA-030.

Thanks Stewart. I normally have a quick scan when I get into work to make sure nothing has fallen over but there were some pressing customer support issues I had to deal with. And the coffee machine needed cleaning and refilling!

The cluster was unhappy with some unresponsive threads so I restarted it and it looks OK now.

There is a connection throttle that stops people connecting and disconnecting too many times / hour. Handling a connect is a heavy process so the code tracks the count. People who do it too many times get locked out for an hour.