SOTAWatch down???

I am not seeing any spots and can’t spot my self ATM. Thanks in advance!

Indeed no spots visible, seems to be down. I dont know what is going on.
Seems GMA still shows spots.

Yes, wenn looking at the API seems down right now.

7.032 CW now

KI4SVM was spotted by the RBN, but not here. He did get spotted here successfully here about an hour ago. I also could not submit a spot for him manually here.

I’m on 14.065 on W4G/NG-039 now

Guess I will try 146.52 and see how many locals come back.

Anyway, it was a nice hike. :slightly_smiling_face:

paging Andrew @vk3arr Andy @MM0FMF

It seems similar fault to the last time but it will be 30-45mins before I can look further.

Not use whether Andy fixed it but I was able to add a spot and delete it in the last minute.

A new spot just popped up at 19:12… !
Good work !

I’ve had a prod at something but it’s too soon to say everything is resolved yet but it seems to be a repeat of the last problem.

We have 2 issues, SOTAwatch not responding and whatever causes the systems to get into a state where they cannot recover without manual intervention. Task 1 is to get SOTAwatch working again and task2 is to find out what causes the problem.


Well SOTAwatch seems to have regained it’s composure somewhat. :slight_smile:

The system appeared to get hung up such that requests to the API database were timing out. This causes an flurry of requests that also time out leading to more timeous and thus the problems we had. The level of load on the DB was not pinned at 100% and the system was just about working… I saw SOTAwatch refresh itself a few times here but it took minutes not a second.

I have fixed the problem short term by spending more of your money. The advantage of cloud based systems is you can get more performance by spending more money…that’s what I’ve done as a short term fix.

Andrew VK3ARR is probably just waking up around now so was unable to attend at 1622Z when problems started. John WU7H was having some well earned family time with his kids and I was sat like a slob watching “Justified” box sets and marvelling at “Kentucky blondes” ;-). I’m sorry I was unable to do anything as soon as I saw we had a problem but I’d just injected a load of diabetic drugs and wandered in to the shack to check on an eBay sale and saw we had big issues. But I had to go and eat whilst the drugs were fresh. I’ll go and finish of eating and shovel another handful of pills into me.

@MM0FMF Great Timing! Just got to my next summit. Thanks for giving it a kick…

Thanks very much! I was already off my summit by the time you were able to get the system up, but I already had been able to complete the activation on 2 m FM. In the process I “met” two more SOTA ops for the first time AND was told about a local online SOTA group I wasn’t previously aware of. I would have missed all that with one of my typical HF activations.

So maybe Dr. Pangloss was right.

Time for more of us activators to donate more money!! Should be an annual event…

73, Brad