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SOTAwatch deleted accounts

A very small number of you may notice that your SOTAwatch accounts are no more. In every case, this has been where you had forgotten your password and created another account to access SOTAwatch. Some of these accounts didn’t have callsigns as usernames, which is technically contrary to the terms of use.

Hence we have deleted both the original accounts, and the non-callsign named replacement accounts. So affected users can now register a new account under their own callsign again - but try not to forget the password!

Other SW users may be in the similar situation and wish us to take the same action. Some duplicate accounts have not been deleted, because they are associated with the user’s callsign (eg “G0OXV-2”). However, if anyone else would like us to remove accounts so that a new account registered to the original callsign can be established, please email SOTA MT.

If anyone has any problems, please email SOTA MT.