Sotawatch and database integration?

Hi All,
Good work on the new reflector- I’m impressed so far. I’m don’t normally chase much as I’m more an activator, but I have a suggestion that might make things easier to log chaser info.

I’ve found it’s a hassle to log in and enter all the data manually when you log your chaser points. Would the MT be interested in adding a short link or icon next to each “spot” when you’re logged in that would open a new tab? This new tab would auto populate the information from the spot (activator callsign, current time, date, summit designation). Then, the chaser would only have to fill in the freq, mode, and the one or two other things requested.

Any thoughts?

Thank you

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What’s wrong with a logging program - there are several that make life easier for both chasers and activators to log and upload to the database.

I use my own program G0LGS: Software Information for both chaser and activator logs, but there are a few others ways that I’ve seen mentioned.

Stewart G0LGS

One of the future jobs is to have a unified login so that you can login to either the database or SOTAwatch and be logged into the other system. Once that is achieved, it’s feasible to have a link so you can click a spot and have it fill in the chaser screen for you. But not yet.



I would definitely like this feature when you are able to incorporate it.Thank you for all your work.
Brad N1VWD

Thanks Andy- that would be great!