SOTA's First Day

Paul, an old friend called in to see me yesterday. He reminded me that we went out together to do two activations on SOTA’s very first day (March 2nd 2002). We travelled by train to Church Stretton and activated Long Mynd and Caer Cardoc (SOTA’s first multi-summit activation). Paul was not licenced at the time although afterwards he did briefly hold the callsign M3WHO.

We were not the only people doing SOTA that day. I recall working Phil G4OBK and John G3WGV (who were chasing that day). I know Roger MW0IDX activated Snowdon; but who else was doing SOTA on day one?

Can anyone recall?

Paul has followed the progress of SOTA and is as surprised by its success as the rest of us!


3/2/2002, 14:30, M5BRY, M0COP/P , 7MHz, SSB
3/2/2002, 13:58, G3VQO, M0COP/P, 7MHz, SSB


MW0IDX 3/2/2002, GW/NW-001, Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa
G3CWI/P, 3/2/2002, G/WB-005, Long Mynd - Pole Bank
G3CWI/P, 3/2/2002, G/WB-006, Caer Caradoc Hill
M1EYO, 3/2/2002, G/SP-002, Black Hill
M0COP, 3/2/2002, G/CE-002, Walton Hill

It might be fun to celebrate the start of SOTA with an annual Birthday Bash of activations.


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Hi Richard & Andy,

Very interesting so thanks for posting it. Sadly I was a month late but mine was Snowdon too. 73, John.

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I remember the day well, deep snow and a blizzard all day. Struggled to make four contacts using 20m cw and 2m FM, how times have changed!

Roger mw0idx

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Brian, I think the number of activations that we see everyday is a sufficient celebration.

There used to be a couple of annual events ie “Gaul Fest” but they died. Perhaps a reincarnation is called for