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Sotamaps down: now back up!

Thanks, Rob, for all your work on this. And especially thanks for running it day to day.

Ron, KI4TN

Thanks for your kind words, Andy. As you say, Andrew did a fine job, and most of our thanks should go to him for helping out under difficult circumstances, and for being, well… so darned professional. Hats off to Andrew!


Rob and Andrew, thanks for your great work and extra miles (at night) for SOTAmaps This tool has cool features and is very useful!

Rob and Andy, wishing you good success for next plans like Single Sign On!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Thanks Andy. To be honest, there wasn’t much work from my side - just checking a few things we’d set up ages ago still worked, then modifying a few config files to handle the sotamaps stuff and helping Rob through the DNS changes necessary. The more difficult thing was staying awake while sobering up.

The good thing is most of the stuff we did will make transitioning to the newer SMP codebase that has SSO integration in it about a 5 minute job (including the time to eat the pizza)