SOTAF/PO-237 "Pic d'Arradoy" by F8DZY/P

Sorry for chasers but rain was on the summit !
I did 3 QSOs (HB9CMI, HB9AAQ & F6CEL) on the activation beginning but rain was also on the battery and it caused interruptions in my keying… I am very sorry with this and can imagine I was very difficult to understand in these conditions !
I had to wait 30 minutes before the rain stop and reinstall the portable station, I started again for 20 minutes because no night equipment and added 7 QSOs… The video stopped also at the beginning because too much humidity, it will be a very short one but will add the link here when online on YouTube.
Chris F8DZY.

Here’s the link of the (short) video under the rain…

Good watch :wink:
Chris F8DZY