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Sotadata Down INT

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues accessing the Sotadata site? Not a log-in issue, cant access the site at all.


Yeh Mate can’t put up an alert for tomorrow, tells me invalid summit .
Congratulations on the new Call om
Ian vk5cz …

Hi Ian,
Alerts are at sotawatch, not sotadata - I have just created and deleted an alert at Sotawatch - please try again.


Hi Bill,
No problems with http://sotadata.org.uk/default.aspx all functions there appear to be working - try doing a cache clear - ctrl+F5 or shift+refresh - it could be a corruption of the Cache at your ISP. Try again in any case.

73 Ed.

Thankyou! Yes that cured it! 73

Thanks Ed that fixed it.
CZ …