SOTAdata CSV export to ADIF conversion?

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the trick is to make sure you add the .adif extension to the file name!
Otherwise it defaults to csv even though you picked adif from the save
as dialogue.

That is because the library function used does not return anything to the program as to which filter was selected, so I have to look at the extension from the provided file-name - if none is given it simply generates another .csv file.

I had even forgotten I’d added the ADIF export !

If anyone has any request for improvements to the ADIF export (which was really only experimental) or indeed any other feature of my SOTA CSV editor then email me g0lgs (at) g0lgs (dot) co (dot) uk

Stewart G0LGS

My SOTA CSV Editor has had a few minor tweaks since Friday to the ADIF export feature, this includes:

Adding a Header to the ADIF file that shows it was exported from SOTA CSV Editor.
Allow ADIF files to use .ADI or .ADIF extension.
Remove RS(T) Values from ADIF Comment.
Add 'SOTA: ’ before Summit Reference in ADIF Comment.

See G0LGS: Software Information for download, or from your installed version select Help → About and click the ‘Check for Update’ button.

Stewart G0LGS

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Can anyone post step-by-step instructions to convert a SOTAdata exported CSV log into ADIF format?

This might help you: