SOTA weekend Black Hills SD July 16-17 2022

It is only a month until the SOTA weekend sponsored by The Black Hills Amateur Radio Club July 16, 17 2022.

There are 160 summits within 50 miles of the center of the Black Hills of SD. A large percentage of them are within a mile of a road accessible by a high clearance vehicle or passenger car. Six of the summits are 10’s and thirty are 8’s. It will be reasonable to attempt to activate a number of summits in the 2 day weekend. A significant number of the contacts can be summit to summit.

We will kick the weekend off with a BBQ/planning session Friday evening July 15 at Canyon Lake Park in Rapid City. If you are coming from out of town I suggest you make reservations soon as the Black Hills has been very popular the last couple years.

Last year’s event was very successful with Hams from 6 states accomplishing 35 activations on 24 different summits.

If you are interested in attending or have questions or comments send an email to: .

An information sheet is located here:


Terry – AD0HL