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SOTA Weekend 2011?


Are there any SOTA Weekend planned for 2011?

73’s de

SM0R Pontus

In reply to SM0RUX:

Nothing has been announced yet but traditionally there has been an International SOTA Weekend staged at the same time as the IARU Region 1 432MHz-248GHz contest. This year that is May 7th/8th.

For the last 2 years, the contest has aligned itself with the fact many European countries have a May Day holiday on the Monday following May 1st. This year that wont be the case as the contest is taking place on a different weekend.

I am aware that a date in May is very early for Europeans wishing to venture into the higher Alps. I think there are sufficient chasers and activators now that SOTA could support both an early event in May and a later one around the beginning of September, but that is my personal view.


In reply to SM0RUX:

The last years was impossible also for me, be active during the may SOTA weekend, I preferred the IARU Region 1 VHF/UHF contest.

I suggest the first weekend in August, 6th/7th. I think it is a good time for the highest mountains. And on the Sunday is the Alpe Adria Contest on 2m, Czech 144MHz QRP contest and German BBT (Bayerischer Bergtag - Bavaria Mountain Day) contest 2m/70cm. Nice chance also for VHF/UHF activators.

73, Pavel OK1MCS

In reply to OK1MCS:

The 4th 144MHz Backpackers,the RSGB 144MHz Low power and 432MHz Low power contests are also the weekend of 6th & 7th ofAugust.
Looks like a good weekend for SOTA.

Pete, M0COP

IIRC, we try to avoid major contest weekends, and keep the focus on SOTA. As mentioned, many of us have interests in participating in these contests, so my preference would be to avoid some of these bigger events. (You can’t avoid them all of course!).


In reply to MM0FMF:

I agree with Andy: The SOTA community has grown steadily and could support two such events, one in spring and one in fall/autumn. Early May and mid-September would be fine for me.


International SOTA Weekend will be the bank holiday weekend of 30th April / 1st May 2011. For activators in the UK, this will be an extra long weekend, as we have bank holidays also on Friday 29th April and Monday 2nd May.

The SOTA Management Team is aware that this weekend might not be the best for Alpine and other European activators, so suggestions are requested for a second ISW later in the year. Would interested parties please suggest which of the August/September weekends might be best?

There will also be a North American event later in the year.


International Marconi Day is on April 30th this year, too…

As for the 2nd event: I’d prefer the last August or first September weekend but could live with anything from early August to mid September

73 Bernhard DL4CW

In reply to M1EYP:

International SOTA Weekend will be the bank holiday weekend of 30th
April / 1st May 2011. For activators in the UK, this will be an extra
long weekend, as we have bank holidays also on Friday 29th April and
Monday 2nd May.


What would be the intended hours of operation for the weekend? 0000-2400 UTC? Only Saturday & Sunday? Or will it “extend” formally throughout this long weekend for you guys?

We’re looking to get together an overnight HF expedition for that weekend from a high one with multiple ops…

Thanks & 73!

Jason HL4/W2VLA

In reply to HL4/W2VLA:

Hi Jason,

It will be Friday 29th April through Monday 2nd May as far as I am concerned - Jimmy and I have a pass-out for a long weekend in the Lake District. Hours of operation from summits, for us, will be between 0900 and 1600z I would guess, albeit not continuous as we have some two summits days and long circular walks planned.

I don’t know if anyone is planning an overnight activation like M0GIA and I did last ISW, but if you were to alert specifically with a mind to make S2S contacts into Europe, I would guess that somebody would try to make it happen from this side.

And if you yourself are doing an overnighter, then you should have lots trying for the S2S.

Good luck,


In reply to M1EYP:
Hi Tom and all

Unfortunately, the first weekend of may will never work for me as I always have family reunion etc…

But, I understand your choice.

In reply to VA2SG:

The weekend we will hold in the Late Summer/Autumn(Fall) may suit instead. The date for that is still fluid.


In reply to MM0FMF:

Yeah great. I’ll stay tuned.

First weekend of may is my birthday as well as as oldest son birthday, no way I can miss that! :slight_smile:

Every weekend is a SOTA weekend - Can I have my life back?