Sota website not synched with sota mapsping project


As I was searching some interesting summits in the DM/RP region I noticed that I can still find summits on the mapping project but, they have disappeared in the region list in sotawatch.

eg DM/RP-017 is still in the list and on map, i can still select details of the summit, when I click on the top of that info i even can get back to sotawatch details etc…

Having read that there were some problems with the database…is this such problem or have a lot of summits in DM been deleted and is the sota mapping project not synched yet ???

I’ve tried to find a similar posting to this problem, haven’t found it.


The database will only display valid summits in the lists of summits for regions. But if you know the name or ref. you can search for summits valid or invalid.

SOTAwatch only displays lists of valid summits. Again you can get SOTAwatch to display invalid summits (if you know how) and should see a message saying the summit is not valid.

The mapping project is unable to talk to the database so a summitslist file is prepared for it each morning. This lists summits which are valid now and no longer valid. It too should only display valid summits.

There have been over 4000 summits deleted from Germany over the years. So you could be looking at old data.

There has been an issue in that SOTAwatch (for unexplained reasons) treats dates in 2016 as invalid and would not show DM summits that are valid today but due to end in 2016. This is fixed now I believe. Currently there are 3 DM summits that are marked as valid to 1/Mar/2015 which should be 1/Mar/2016, a typing error. These will be fixed this coming week.

Hi Frank, Hi Andy,

That is 100% correct - the database is and what has always been as far as I have seen, the correct, reliable data source.

What Frank has reported with DM/RP-017 Apert may be another typo or glitch in SOTAWatch.

Here is the database entry for DM/RP-017 from Sotadata3

Here is the SOTAWatch list for the DM/RP region (with the entry missing); from Hiking in the mountains: tips for beginner hikers - Mountain Day

For completeness - here is the list from SMP (also showing Apert still) from;


P.S. Frank if you are specifically looking for summits that are going to be removed wthin the next six months, Rob has added a feature to the SOTA Mapping Project to display these with a red ring around the summit indicator when using the activations count display mode - all details towards the end of this thred; SMP main page enhancement

Thanks Ed for noticing the same.

I guess we best first look in the summit list on Sotawatch. Same error for Am der Zwei Steinen by the way. Maybe more. Not up to me to review :slight_smile:

Some more words of explanation about the link you post regarding “the going to be deleted summits in 6 months”, i don’t see rings for summits, so don’t see red circled rings either. Is there some special trick, browser to be used ?

have a great day

No, no, no, no! The database is where you look first.

Now in the not too distant future, the new SOTAwatch website will be linked to the database in real time. Until then the only the database is the definitive source of data.

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HI Frank,
The details are in the thread that I posted the link to but in short, either from the main page looking at a particular association/region (or associations/regions) or using the range feature, on the list of summits on the left hand side of the display click on “activation counts” rather than the default “Peak Symbols” and all displayed peaks will change from triangles to round symbols where the number displayed is the number of times the summit has been activated and the colour indicates how many points they are worth (excluding bonus points) and if these round objects have a red ring around them, they are planned to be removed from SOTA in the next 6 months. (key on right hand side).

It appears to me (with no intenal access to the system, this is purely my opinion) I think what you have found Frank, is part of the problems that have already been reported in the SOTAWatch program, which I know are being looked into. If in doubt about a particular summit, go to the sota results and summits database site ( and check through the summits option at the top of that web page. The database is correct, all other pages are fed from that and if they have issues, they may not display the correct information.

73 Ed.