SOTA Watch seems to be down

As anyone else noticed a lack of spots and spotting accessibility this last half hour?

73 Phil

Something seems to be down. Can’t seem to add any contacts to my chaser log.


Yes, same here

It’s not working properly at present. I’ll have a look ASAP but just up to my ears in some other SOTA issues at present.


The self-spot I cannot currently post is;

FT4 - 513Hz - TX even
Celebrating final GW summit

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it won’t accept log entries either Phil

Spotting here for HB15SOTA now 12:30z on 40 m from HB/NW-019 … 7.060 MHz — Op. Markus HB9DIZ for Canton NW — Tnx!

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SOTAwatch is working fine but a quick diagnosis shows the DB has dropped offline. This means SOTAwatch cannot check the summit reference you give is valid hence you cannot spot.

I’m off to see what is broken.

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Right, I applied a size 12 Doc Marten boot to the DB container and it appears to be working again. The load figure looks a bit high but I think that’s just lots of stacked up commands getting run.

I’ll monitor it and see how it goes today.


Working now thanks Andy

Appreciated Andy - thank you.

Well done Andy and Thanks

Glad the air cushioned soles worked Andy, thank you very much.

73 Phil

ive made a couple of spots today for activators de m0sgb

Thanks for all assists also from my side, and thanks to our IT gurus dealing with such topics within a short time. Noted after 10 minutes that it was back and running.

:+1: :four_leaf_clover: Well estimated, especially on a Sunday!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


If the summit reference cannot be checked because the database is down, would it not make more sense to give it the benefit of the doubt and post the spot anyway? Getting a good spot out seems to me to be more important than being certain to reject a bad one.

Even better (but more work) would be to keep a local cache of the list of valid summits. It doesn’t change all that often (compared with the frequency of spots).

Either way, this seems like an unnecessary and unhelpful dependency. Most database operations such as submitting logs can wait, but a spot has to happen now. Does it really matter if an occasional bad reference gets through?

Martyn M1MAJ

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Already working on that solution. Currently parked behind the fact the team I manage at work quadrupling in size (and it was double digits to begin with :slight_smile: )

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. . . maybe a technical flag can be appended to the SOTAwatch output if a summit could not be verified, in case this should be helpful?

73, DIZ