SOTA watch alert

The observant amongst you might be wondering how I am planning to complete my activation of Dale Head and then get to the top of Skiddaw on Saturday in 30 minutes. If only I could!
Apologies, but Skiddaw was plan A and I don’t seem to be able to delete it. Plan B is now in force and only involves Dale Head and Robinson

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That means that EDIT alert and then DELETE alert doesn’t work for you?

You can’t delete it because you have two accounts… “G6PJZ” and "G6PJZ ". You entered one alert with a PC and one with a phone/tablet.

Ok. I’ve tried logging in as both “G6PJZ” and "G6PJZ " on the phone that I entered the original alerts on, but neither method allows me to edit or delete the first 2 alerts. Is there a way to delete the 004 alert Andy?
Also can I delete the account with a space after my call to try and prevent future glitches like this?

those trailing spaces again

It’s gone. I presume you removed the 004 alert Andy? Thank you. I shall watch out for spare spaces in future

It’s easily done as some web forms / browsers add a space on automatically.

I suspect spellcheck on phones inserts a space after known words.

I think that is the failure mode.

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Yeah, it’s a pain when browsers do that, especially as they often make quite the wrong “correction” anyway. I’ve also had trouble when a phone decided the first word in a field had to start with a capital letter; wonderful when the thing you’re entering gets checked case-sensitively…

solution is to turn off auto-correct. but that is a nuisance if you are used to having errors corrected…

I think it’s actually caused by the predictive text feature. The software assumes that you will need a space before the following word. The only exception to that norm is when punctuation is required; hitting space twice inserts a full stop and then a space. Presumably we are not expected to use many other forms of punctuation :nerd_face:.
The ‘other’ exception, of course, is when entering a single ‘word’ into a form, for example.

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Andy, use the contact form from the SOTA website ( and ask Jon to delete the bogus accounts, that will stop this happening again. If you try to login and cannot, then you will know the username contains whitespace characters.

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