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Sometimes I just dont log into the sotawatch often enough to catch folks doing activations nearby that maybe I could work.

I would love the functionality of a SOTA alert, IE I could set any Alerts posted for the W1 W2 Regions to shoot me an email…

For example someone posts a W2/GC001 for date/time etc etc

A little email would shoot off to my account letting me know that someone has posted an alert for this summit date/time.

Could be customizable for regions as well as dates, Like A 5 day notice and a 1 day notice of activations in my “Selected” regions. So the day before someone activates a notice would go out listing activation attempts.

Is this type of functionality even possible?

Andrew - K2FR

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There’s an RSS feed available. You’d just need to scrape the feed for the alerts/spots you are interested in.


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Hi Andrew,

I can’t answer in any detail, but as far as I am aware a system like that you describe should be possible. I know that Martyn M1MAJ (I think) has a similar system set up for Spots, so there should be no reason why one for alerts should not work.

I’m sure you will get a more meaningful answer very soon :wink:

Edit: Andy beat me to it Hi!

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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the RSS feed from Summits on the Air

Looks like its just spots. Is there another one for the Alerts when they are posted?

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Ah, my mistake. I thought it contained both alerts and spots. There is a link to mail the webmaster at the bottom of the page, you could ask Jon if he could add an RSS feed for alerts. In the meantime scraping the alerts page maybe feasible.


I have e-mailed Andrew K2FR direct

If anyone is interested and others I think ust it, try downloading Webmon.

If anyone needs help please e-mail me at

73 Graham G4JZF

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Thanks for the email. Ill see if its something I can customize to work for what id like.

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Is there something that will send me spots via sms?

Tom , n2ytf

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For many UK mobile networks, Twitter will send you tweets via SMS for free, you only pay to send tweets via SMS to Twitter.

Be careful if you have this enabled and you are using GSM/3g roaming as it can become very expensive if you have to pay for the inbound messages.