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Sota watch 2 face book link

A minor point but the SMS spotter is run by and paid for by me and not SOTA. In addition a lot of valuable time and resources are given by Andrew K1YMI, Jeremy NH6Z and Allen VK3HRA.

I’ve seen the FE group give advice in the past to avoid SOTA services, which is a bit sad really. But as they say “haters gotta hate”

From the “other” facebook page :-

“If you have no data coverage but can still text, there is a facility run by mm0fmf where you text a server which then spots you. You have to contact him to “register” to use the facility.”

One of three options in my reply. Is this not “the right answer” as you call it.

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Thanks for that useful info.
My mobile is only basic text and speech.
How do you registrar please
can’t handle these mod phones to technical for little old me .


Is that from an earlier thread, Steve, you appear to have no input to the May 3rd thread.


That is my reply to the 3rd May thread Brian. Click "view 5 more comments"
Off to Glossop now if my van will battle against the wind.

I see it now, Steve, thanks.


PS Drive carefully!

This chap explicitly asked for the Hungarian SMS service which I gave to him. I wish this unjustified ranting would stop!



Well, my choice is an easy one. Because I am not a member of Facebook, and never will be. So I cannot subscribe to any Facebook-based group even if I wanted to.

As far as I’m concerned, social networking sites are nothing but trouble.

Walt (G3NYY)

That reminds me… I never did ask Richard whether my SB5 was resonant on 5m… :wink:

As for Facebook, well neither group will attract my interest. Some of us have better things to do with our lives. It’s hard enough keeping up with what is happening here!

Indeed Gerald. As a medium wave broadcast fan, I was astounded with the tx ranges of the SB270. Excellent VHF antenna though…

I have opened the thread since your comment doesn’t quite conform to my memory. He actually asked initially how to use SMS on an iphone to self spot. Subsequently after asking how to contact Andy, he said “I also see that some people use a Hungarian mobile number to self spot?” You were, of course, correct to give him information about that.

Those of us that have been abused and pilloried on that site will have a wry smile for the thought that any “rant” on this site can compare to the concentrated venom that is sometimes spat out on the other site, Sylvia. This is a shame because, in between the occasional “hate the MT” sessions and the like, that site seems to do a good job. Perhaps it needs treatment for bipolar disorder! :smile:


But justified ranting is OK? :wink:

I didn’t know you were old enough to remember the 56MHz days Gerald?



Must have been in a former life Andy… no, actually my HRO produced a nice bit of RF around that frequency. I got a visit from the powers that be on account of it. My homebrew 2m AM rig was given a clean bill of health and heads were scratched for a while until the Post Office man sussed what the source of the problem was. A trap fitted to the HRO oscillator enabled my neighbour to watch his Band 1 TV in peace.

Is there a right answer? :grinning:
Joking aside, I was working from memory as the WiFi in the doctors waiting room was shockingly poor so couldn’t bring up the original post.
For the record, I was responding to the following 2 questions:

  • Thanks, am I correct in thinking RRT is android only?
  • Also how do I contact MM0FMF?

Both of which are still awaiting an answer…

Your original post seems to have disappeared also.
It used to happen a lot when I was member there… (of course there’s no moderation :wink:)

See Spotting via SMS for full details.
Just click on Andy’s callsign and send a private message to register, like this:


Thanks Pete

Already done
No doubt he get back to me when he’s not so busy.

thanks again for your help


He is in Kintyre for a few days of activating.


Hello Brain

Yep, gathered that, no rush. Like said busy man.
Hoping the weather will improve so we can hear him form there