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SOTA W3 Association New Website - Enjoy!

Hello SOTA Members,

Happy Holidays to all and may all members have a great 2010! The W3 Association is very pleased to launch its new SOTA W3 Association Website. Please click on the link to view this new website. Please feel free to comment or make suggestions on how to improve it for all SOTA Members.


SOTA W3 Assoc.Mgr

In reply to WA3WSJ:
Hello Ed
Happy New Year to you and yours and to all SOTA W3 members.
Glad to read that you’ll be on the air this year.
I hope we can work S2S soon.
All my best 73.
Andre - f5ukl

In reply to WA3WSJ:
Happy New Year Ed and all other stateside SOTA participants, The web page is looking good and its great to see another association set up and this of course increases my chances of a transatlantic S2S which i hope to acheive this year. Sean M0GIA