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SOTA-Video-Report of OE/OO-347 and OE/OO-348

Hi @ all!

Here my newest video of OE/OO-347 Gasselkogel and
OE/OO-348 Schnellerplan. Mni Tnx for Barry N1EU,
he’s QSO is also on the video :wink: hi

Enjoy it
73 de Chris OE5HCE

In reply to OE5HCE:

Hi Chris,

tks for your video from OE/OO-347 and OE/OO-348. Fortunately I made qso with OE5EEP/P (pse send my tks to him), I was at CT/ES-003. Let me say you that your video has many interesting landviews.

Unfortunately I went alone to CT/ES-003 so I have no pictures from myself operating, but
you could see my pictures in photos section of sota website.

Best 73 to you and OE5EEP.

David Quental

In reply to CT1DRB:

Mni tnx David for your reply and for the statement to
our video on Gasselkogel and Schnellerplan!

I hope, I’ll better in CW to make a QSO with you in
the near future! Unfortunately, on this day was a
contest on 20m :frowning: … that was to heavy for me!

Hear you soon :wink:
73 de Christian OE5HCE

In reply to OE5HCE:

Thanks Chris and congrats on a successful activation and a fantastic video. Very happy to get you in the log on the second peak! It looks like you guys had a beautiful hike and a fun time.

I’m curious - what was that tiny cw rig and paddle that Heinz was using in the video?

Barry N1EU

In reply to OE5HCE:

Hi Chris,

tks for your answer. I should say that your videos are excelents, a lot of good landviews and nice SOTA operations.

About CW is a question to pratice and pratice, however during contests it is not easy, even during my last SOTA activity I had problems but I managed to solve it, tks to OE7PHI and CT2HBO, they announced me on sota website. After that things went on quite fine.

Hear you soon too and best 73.

David Quental

In reply to N1EU:

Hi Barry,

the CW rig is the Hendricks PFR-3, a 20-30-40 band nice compact rig (includes a Tuner). It’s a great gear.
The Paddles I didn’t recognize them… Hope Chris will let us know.

Barry, your sigs in Europe are always excellent; and you have good ears!

Thanks Chris for the nice video. 73

In reply to N1EU:

Hi Barry,

The praise for the video goes to Christian who did produce it.

The radio I was using is a PFR-3 (Portable Field Radio 3), designed by KD1JV, Steve Weber, kits sold by Hendricks QRP Kits, have a look here: http://www.qrpkits.com/pfr3.html
This is a 40-30-20m tribander with about 3W out. Band switching via slide switches, built-in tuner and reasonable low power consumption on receive, ideally for SOTA activations! I have been using this radio since three years now and was on more than 140 summits with it. The paddle is a home-made touch paddle built from a kit. I bought it from QRP-Project, a mail order company in Germany, but it is also available in the USA: http://www.cwtouchkeyer.com/P4.htm
Right now I am eagerly awaiting my KX-3 ordered back in 2011. You can have a look at my equipment used on Huntersfield Mountain, W2/GC-011, not too far from your home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5F6nxYC9zM Tom, N2YTF, made this video.

Christian was really excited when you came back to him (7.04 in the video!). You were the only North American station on this weekend. I was calling CQ on 20m in hope to catch one too, but the band was severely compromised by contest QRM. Most of my activity then was on 30m. The summit of Gasselkogel is so small that we had to set-up our stations with just a few meters seperation. The result was that we caused QRM to each other. You can hear my keying during Christians SSB contacts. He caused a s5 hiss whenever he pushed the PTT. Schnellerplan on the other hand is a broad plateu, where we could set-up with more than 100m seperation. No interference issues there!

The combined bike/hike attempt was a good idea. As you can see in the video the first 5 km of the trail are a forest road following a creek. This would have been a more than one hour hike. With the bikes we did it in 35 mins. On the way back it was all downhill and took us maybe 10 minutes by bike, what would have been a 1 hour hike out. Good decision to use the bikes to cut things short!

We did have a great day out!

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

In reply to OE5EEP:

Thanks for the CW S2S QSO on 30m Heinz. Your PFR3 sounded FB to me last Sunday. 40m propagation was not good and 20/15 were too full of contest stations. So I tried 30m and there you were on 10.118 with chasers. I’m still new to many CW procedures and someone called me on your QRG. I tried to announce a QSY UP to 10.1185 and at least 1 station followed me up not sure if anyone else understood. My station was an FT817, 4.5W into an inverted V dipole at 4.5m AGL.

Nice video Christian, I enjoyed it.