SOTA video of Toulx-Sainte-Croix

Hello SOTA friends, here my newest video of F/MC-175
- YouTube
Please enjoy it
73 de Manfred - DL9MDI

In reply to DL9MDI:
Thanks wunderbar.

In reply to VA2SG:
Thanks JP, it was my first SOTA in France. 73 QRO de Fred – DL9MDI

In reply to DL9MDI:
Lovely video.
Thanks for sharing.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF (AM02IF in these days)

In reply to DL9MDI:

Nice video Manfred, also thanks for 20m qso when I was on my Pfalz tour.

In reply to EA2IF:
Hello Guru. Thanks for your comments!
Best 73 de Fred – DL9MDI

In reply to G1INK:
Thanks Steve, I’ve been waiting on your announced frequencies, until I could hear your signal.
I am pleased that we could make this QSO from the Palatinate!
Best 73 de Manfred