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SOTA-Video of "Totes Gebirge" in OE5

Hi @ all!

Last weekend I had a great SOTA-tour in the alps of “Totes Gebirge”

Enjoy it … now the statistic …

liquid average consumption:

  1. day: 4,5 Liter (2,5 im QRL + 2 by up-going)
  2. day: 7,5 Liter
  3. day: 7,5 Liter (6 Liter by up- and down-going + 1,5 at home)

Sum: 19,5 Liter

stretch of road:

  1. day: 7km by bike + 6,5km on foot
  2. day: 20,6km on foot
  3. day: 16km on foot + 7km by bike

Sum: 14km by bike + 43,1km on foot

elevation gain:

  1. day: 215m by bike + 940m on foot
  2. day: 2.010m on foot
  3. day: 1.111m on foot

Sum: 4.061m on foot

73 de Christian OE5HCE

In reply to OE5HCE:

Hi Christian,

Great hike, 5 summits in three days; wow, beautiful video footage.
Was that 19,5L of beer?

73s Wil PA3Q

In reply to PA3Q:

Hi Wil!

It was 48 hours exactly (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon)
Beer? what is beer? hi
well, per day I had 3 bottles of beer or beer with lemon
At this days I can’t eat anything, because if you want to
eat you get thirsty than before … :frowning:
In the 2nd evening I eat a great stale one of soup - that was great!
(a lot of liquid and salty minerals)

On the long hikingtrips over 14 hours per day, I filled the waterbottles
with clean snow from the snowfields. Every water-drop was essential!!!

73 de Chris OE5HCE

In reply to OE5HCE:

Great video (as usual) making me want to go there too. Maybe in September when temperatures are lower…

I spent a full day in Höllengebirge activating Grünalmkogel and Hochhirn on Monday. Had carried 3 liters of liquid and arrived totaly dry at Rieder Hütte. I later heard in the evening news that it was the hottest day of the year so far.

Heinz, OE5EEP