SOTA TW-002 - Buy yourself a Summit!

TW-002 is up for grabs if anyone has the money to buy it, along with 115 acres of moorland.

Happy New Year to all activators and chasers!


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Hi es hny Phil,
hw abt a sota-hq on tw2?
the special-call mx0sotatw2 sure get big pile-ups…
did u find some sponsors already? :-))

Vy73 Fritz

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If a bunch of us put say two grand a piece in we could buy it for SOTA and the nation. Who is in?


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Hi Fritz
No sponsors forthcoming yet to buy Cringle Moor TW-002…hi hi…
I am probably the activator who lives nearest to TW-002. It is 55 Km from my Home QTH. So all contributions will be gratefully accepted to reduce the cost of the mortgage to buy it. (Only joking - I ran the idea past Judy (XYL) and she just laughed at me!)

73 Phil

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Hi Steve
Thank you for the offer of sponsorship!
We could ensure the conservation of Cringle Moor. This is what the owner of Fylingdales Moor has done just up the road from me. Shooting would be banned, unless one of the SOTA enthusiasts contributing is a shooter and wants to put a chunk of money up! I could also manage £2K myself but would have to look into the maintenance costs (if any), rates etc. What about charitable status - that needs looking into. Maybe there are no rates in that case. We would have a board of trustees. It’s all beyond me but what started off as a joke could turn into something big…that’s £4K raised - any more offers …maybe my XYL could fork out £2K and stop laughing at me. No time wasters please! Just think - if the estate is 75 acres in size then 37 of us could own 2 acres apiece.


Update - Cringle Moor is 115 acres not 75 acres, so an even bigger share - over 3 acres each at £2K per share! I also note that The Cleveland Way and two other short sections of rights of way cross the land.

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That’s a bargain! We should snap it up… :slight_smile:

The house in the activation zone and only 100m from the trig point on top of CE-005 went for just under a million pounds recently!

73 Marc GØAZS