SOTA Trophies

I have occasionally been asked to vary the engraving on the Shack Sloth and Mountain Goat trophies from the standard (Callsign and Year of qualification). Following the introduction of the Chaser Unique trophy it was necessary to review the placement of this information and at the same time the engraver looked into placing additional information - I was asked specifically to endorse one trophy “All CW”. I have agreed where to place this information and negotiated a price for the additional lettering.

The space for additional lettering is limited (about 6 or 7 letters/figures maximum)and can be included at a price of £0.85 per letter (a reduction from the standard charge of £1 a letter). The amount should be added to the normal purchase price of the trophy.

If any purchaser of a trophy wants additional information added please email me first to discuss the wording so that we can produce exactly what is required.


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager