SOTA Tour Portugal 21 and 22 oct 2015

21 and 22 october we activated 3 summits, as CT7/PA9CW/p. CT/AL-004, CT/AL-005 and CT/AL-007. I made about 50 CW QSO’s with my KX3 ( QRP ) and HyEndFed for 30 meters. Have fun,

PA9CW, Tonnie.


It was a pleasure to make QSO with you, I hope repeat it many times. Thank you for your activations!
Best 73!!


HI Tonnie

I enjoyed revisiting these three summits featured in your film - many thanks for making it.

73 de Phil G4OBK

Phil and Javi,

One of the reasons I activated Serra de Monchique was after I wrote your ( Phil ) story on Sotawatch. It was a last minute activation late in the afternoon. That’s because we had a boat tour in the morning till 15:00 hour. And than I had to ride about 60 km. But in the end I made it. It was a vy nice view.

73 PA9CW, Tonnie

Great Job, Thanks for sharing.
73 Roger