SOTA Tour October 2015

Hi Guys,
I’m going out between sunday 18th and thisday 22nd…
Should start around 13 UTC on DM/BW-093 and a second one if weather condition still good maybe 513 :wink:
On monday and tuesday should be some HB/ BS SO JU BL or ???
Wednesday should be return on some DM/BW missing here north of Freiburg…
and Thirsday morning 1 or 2 F/VO… Before returning here in Normandy :, -(

You can follow me via APRS F5UBH-7 for walking and try to have an F5UBH-9 for the car :wink:

Please to contact you on CW or SSB (Yes Mike I’m taking the 817 :slight_smile: ) seems the 40 m the better now but !!! I’m equip for 40 30 and 20 so… Good Luck everybody !
Tof F5UBH DL/F5UBH HB9/F5UBH :slight_smile:

That’s finish ;-(
14 Summits all uniques 9 completes…
Thanks every one… I’m calling on SSB from mostly of them but without selfspoting it’s very hard ;-( so after 5’ calling should QRT…
Thanks again… especially to Bob F5HTR :smile:

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Hi Tof
Many thanks for the contacts while you were on tour, very much appreciated, hope to return the favour.
Cheers Ken G0FEX

Hello Tof,
Thanks for the summits and well done :sunglasses:
If no self spot perhaps hang around awhile on favoured f. then you will be spotted :wink:
Night night.

Hi Mike,
I’m calling around 7.118 on 7.123 the first time because QRP Station with 1K less on 118 so should find a free freq but ;-( … And some time on 118… So not too simply but pleased for you :slight_smile:
Does the RBNGates listenning up there on 7.118 ??? So maybe I can call before on CW ??? Just for the spot coming in ??? But not sure ;-(
Heard you soon
Cheers Mike and Ken (All my pleasure :slight_smile: ) Next time I’m regarding for ON summit tour… I’ll let you know :wink:

RBN only listens on the cw portion of the bands. The idea of some auto-spotting solution for SSB has been discussed on other threads here - so far no workable solution as far as I know.

Hi Tof,
Another option is APRS if you have that ability/kit?
Thanks for going onto SSB and will try and find you on your next adventure :wink:

Yes Mike I’ve APRS… Have a look on F5UBH-7 and you’ll have all the track ;-)… But how does it help ???

You can send self spots using APRS.

Hi Tof, Andy has already replied about spotting. Also you can send a message within APRS which will come up on saying what frequency your on. People can follow your track, work out when you are on the summit, look at your track wandering around on the summit and then await a message about when qrv/f. It works very well. Worth a thought…

Yeah Oki doki… I’ll try to find how to use the APRS message to send a spot :wink:
And does it work on DPRS ??? with ID51E ?? :smile: