Sota Tour in DM/BW

Auf Deutsch weiter unten !

Dear Sota friends,

A business trip to Germany for a training course is planned for week 47. I would like to take advantage of this to activate some summits on the go and/or return trip Basel / Bietigheim-Bissingen with car. I may be able to bring forward or delay my stay a little to have some extra time for these activations.
I am therefore asking to your knowledge of the region concerning easily accessible summits in order to do as much as possible.
Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Liebe Sota Freunde,

In der Woche 47 ist eine Geschäftsreise nach Deutschland zu einer Fortbildung geplant. Ich möchte dies nutzen, um auf der Hin- und/oder Rückfahrt Basel / Bietigheim-Bissingen mit Auto einige SOTA’s zu aktivieren. Vielleicht kann ich meinen Aufenthalt etwas vorverlegen oder verschieben, um etwas mehr Zeit für diese Aktivierungen zu haben.
Ich möchte Sie um Ihr Wissen über die Region hinsichtlich leicht erreichbarer Gipfel bitten, um so viel wie möglich zu unternehmen.
Ich danke Ihnen im Voraus für Ihre Rückmeldung.

73’s Laurent de F8CZI

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Bonjour Laurent,

DM/BW-018 Blauen is a drive-in summit which is not too far off the motorway A5 (Exit Neuenburg) if you go via Karlsruhe. If you chose the route via Waldshut and Villingen-Schwenningen, then near the Swiss border there is DM/BW-233 and DM/BW-235 not too far off your route (short hikes of approx. 1km from the parking lot), DM/BW-193 is a drive-in. A bit further north, there is DM/BW-057 and DM/BW-156 close to the motorway, both accessible with short hikes of approx. 1km or less as well. None of these summits require special hiking gear, it’s all easy hiking trails.

There are a few more summits along your possible routes depending on your time budget.

73 Jens HB9EKO


Another nice drive in is BW-009 SOTLAS
A restaurant is nearby :slight_smile:



Dear Jens and Ingo,

Thank you for this information, it allows me to start planning more precisely.
I will leave aside for the moment the DM/BW-009-018-156-193 that I have already activated to concentrate on others with the possibility of making “complete”.

73’s Laurent de F8CZI

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Dear Laurent

SOTA activities along the route always take quite some time.

You have to get off the motorway, take country roads to the car park and then walk to the Summit.
You’ve already done the drive-on summits.

It now depends on whether you take the A81 or the A5.

Along the A81 you can take a look at DM/BW-057 - DM/BW-228 (with a short walk) and DM/BW-193

Along the A5, I can only think of DM/BW-008 (which you have not excluded) with a short walk. But even here it takes time to drive through Freiburg and up the mountain.

In the Basel neighbourhood, you would be in the AZ quickly from the car at HB/SO-015 and FL/VO-167.

For the other summits in the Black Forest near Basel, you’d have to reckon with about 45 min. walk a:. DM/BW-055 - DM/BW-766 - DM/BW-768 - DM/BW-801

Which one would be a complete for you - maybe I can give you some hints there.

73 Armin


Dear Armin,

Thank for your post. I will definitely take de A5 direction Karlsruhe and turn direction Stuttart on the A8. the last part to the destination on the A81.
At Bietigheim-Bissingen, the hotel is booked by the company for 2 nights. I will check the possibility to book to come 1 day earlier or to stay 1 night more to have time for more activation.

DM/BW- 057, 228, 055, 766, 768 an 801 are for me complete candidate possibilities.
DM/BW- 008 an 187 are already complete.

Near Bietigheim-Bissingen, there are DM/BW- 212 and 111 witch is also a complete candidate.

I will have a look into the summits DB to organize the planning with hoping that the wx will be ok. Then I will post some alertes in the SW.

73’s Laurent de F8CZI

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Hi Laurent,

in scheduling your activities, keep in mind, that on the A8 between Karlsruhe und Stuttgart there are often traffic jams…

Enjoy your activations!


Hi Ingo,
Thanks for this information and for the QSO on DM/HE-007.
Now I am fixed with the schedule. I will start Tuesday morning from home (near Basel) to be at the hotel in Bietigheim-Bissingen in the evening. So I think some activation will be possible on the way without stress.
I will probably activate DM/BW-111 and /or DM/BW-212 Friday 26/11 afternoon before returning at the hotel.
I will make the back trip Saturday with of course some other activation. But at the moment, nothing is fix planned. I will post my program here and on the alerts once defined.

73’s Laurent de F8CZI