SOTA-tour in Dalarna

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will leave Mölndal for a two week tour the northern most part of Dalarna County.

In that region we have DA-018, DA-009, JL-051, JL-117, DA-004, DA-001, DA-017, DA-006, JL-102, DA-008, DA-007, DA-010, DA-015, DA-014, DA-003 and DA-002.

The summits are all around 1000 meters asl. Reaching them will call for a lot of walking in high and rough terrain and overnight stays in tent. The weather with determine when I will be on the air and even if I will be able to do them all. I will have a mobile telephone with me this year but it is a simple one, and besides, there is only coverage in some of the places I will visit. Thus, I can not provide you with any spots myself.

If time permits I will try to do DA-034, DA-019 and DA-016 on the way back to Mölndal.

I will be active around 10118 kHz using an ATS-4 and an EFHW antenna.

You can view my previous year´s exploits at:

Please note that I do not collect qsl-cards!

73 de
SM6EQO/P - Haakan

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Good Luck and have a great time!

I have put up some pictures from my tour on my web-page!


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Hej Håkan

FB report and excellent photos showing the terrain. I’m impressed with your self sufficiency and stamina in the rough conditions.

Thanks for sharing and GL for the next expedition.

73 Marc G0AZS

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Hi Håkan,

What a well presented, interesting and inspiring report. When I saw the photograph of DA-004 from DA-009 my immediate reaction was - WHAT!!! Obviously you have an inner strength well in excess of us mere mortals that can only be admired. Truly excellent - well done indeed!

73, Gerald G4OIG