Hello chasers,

I will try to activate this weekend the nexts ( 10 pointers ) summits:

22/04 DM/BW-047, 029, 019
23-04 DM/BW-003, 010, 018, 766, 293, 639.
24-04 DM/BW-001, 014, 015, 849, 284, 002.
25-04 DM/BW-008, 009, 016.

This is the plan. I’m not sure that I can activate them all. It depends on time/weather and driving.
I will use my KX-3 with 5 W and my new 40 meter antenna. So no 30 mtrs. this time.

73 de DL/PA9CW/P, Tonnie


enjoy the trip

73, Hans

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Succes Tonnie!!
Se Facebook!

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Today I activated the first 3 summits. According to plan, all okay. When I was at the first summit, a tower, there was some kind of metal round door. My coax was on that door, when someone opend it. So my antenna went down. So I made only 6 qso’s. Sorry about that.
The last summit was hard work. When I was up, also a tower, it started to rain. And there where few takers. Only 5 calls.
Tomorow will be sunny. So hope for more summits to come :grinning:

Thanks all chasers. Cu, 73 PA9CW.

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Tomorrow i will follow you Tonnie
You are not on bike ? :wink:
Have a good fun !


No bike this time. Walking up the hill and play with radio :ok_hand:
Hope to catch you.

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Today I have activated all the planned summits. It was a wonderful day here in DL ! Nice views from the towers on the top of the summits. Sunny and not to warm. About 7 degrees. I started at 07:00 utc and was back at the hotel at 18:00 utc. I made 77 qso’s, walked 25 km. Also some S2S contacts.

PS there where some stations calling me, but they could not hear me. I called them 3 or 4 times, but no respons.

Again thanks to all the chasers. Tomorrow I will try to activated again 5 or 6 summits.
Cu, Tonnie. PA9CW


Hi Tonnie
Tks for the S2S-QSO. You are a great operator picking me out of the noise. I can no do that with anyone.
73 de CT7/HB9BIN/p

23/Apr/2017 17:17 CT7/HB9BIN/P DL/PA9CW/P DM/BW-639 Hochgescheid 7MHz CW 10 *


Nice to follow you Tonnie !
Tomorrow, i should QSO you on the 3 summits if condx are right.
73 QRO and a good fun !

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Today was again a vy nice day for SOTA. I activated all the 6 summits as planned. The last one was realy vy hard work. 450 meter up within 2,5 km. That was vy steep. But the view was wonderful.
Today the condx where strange. Vy hard QSB and sometimes I had to call 3 or 4 times. But in the end we made the QSO.
I made 84 QSO’s and some S2S contacts. Walked 29 km and the temp was about 9 degrees, no clouds. Started at 07:00 utc and was back in the hotel at 18:00 utc.

@HB9BIN thanks for the compliment.
@F5LKW I hope to work you tomorrow when i go back home.

Thanks all chasers. 73, PA9CW Tonnie


Prima werk Tonnie!!! Wel hard (door)werken.
Nice work Tonnie!!
73, Sake


Sake, ja het is hard werken als je punten wil score. Maar ik heb GENOTEN…
Nog bedankt voor de QSO’s. Op één summit heb ik je zelfs 2 x gewerkt. :blush:

73, de PA9CW

I do hope all is right cosly i didn’t hear you on the last summit.
I also didn’t see any spot …
I still thank you for your tour.
73 Roger


All okay. I’m now save home. I had no internet on my phone at the two first summits. So one of the chasers spotted me on the cluster. The last summit BW-016, I did not activated. I could not reach the top. So I went up North home. On the way back home I tried two other summits, but no luck. So I went home. No time left for another summit.

Again thanks to all the chasers. I post the video when it’s ready.

73 Tonnie, de PA9CW…

Here is my report from last activation.

Again thanks all chasers, 73 de PA9CW. Tonnie


Thanks for sharing, Super !
73 QRO