SOTA this weekend

I’m just trying to get ready so that, for once, I have all the information to hand that is likely to be asked of me.

Unfortunately, the details for the Backpackers etc contests on the VHFCC website are as clear as mud. At present I am thinking that it is just my large locator square, and serial number I give out. But I heard something about postcodes as well, but no mention of this in the rules.

Can anyone clarify?

On another note, I see that for the first time in a long time, I need to buy a new OS map. Back in 2003/4 I was buying these virtually every week, and since then selecting from my comprehensive ‘library’. But now OL43 must be added to the collection. It will give Jimmy something to read in the car!

In reply to M1EYP:

The exchange in the Backpackers contest varies depending on other contests on at the same time. This weekend you will need to give the following (preferably in this order):

report, serial number, six character QTH locator


59 001 IO84DF

I am not sure what happens if you move hills during the contest - I suspect that the RSGB have not thought of that! I have asked the VHF Contest Committee.



In reply to G3CWI:

As I understand it, the unique callsign is what counts; so the location is irrelevant, if you worked a contest station from two different summits one would be a “dupe” - Hence the VHFCC’s exhortation to Backpackers not to work contest stations prior to / following the Backpacker’s contest itself.

Now when it comes to making an entry having operated from more than one location (which is probably a pretty perverse thing to do) I’m not sure, but having one call with several locators/postcodes associated with it would give the log checkers a headache I’ll bet!

73 de Paul G4MD

Thanks Richard. Good job as well, for I interpreted it was just the 4 character large square ie IO84. I have entered the locators into my logbook ready.

In reply to M1EYP:
Yes Tom. if you remember me and you had this conversation on the last backpackers contest as I needed Richards location. And he said that you normally have the full locator… Well regarding radio I’m hoping to be out tomorrow sota-ing in the lakes… where I’m heading now…
only 145fm from handie-dandie

Steve m0sgb