Sota swag

Greetings all–

I just wanted to throw this out as an FYI…I’m hitting the monthly hamfest in Seoul on Sunday morning (followed by a SOTA intro/power point for new comers and a scout group) and anticipate a few more SOTA converts.

That means next week or the week after I may be making up a bunch of nice little SOTA themed call/name badges, since the printer prefers if I do it in groups and not singly.

If you’d like to get in on this upcoming batch, let me know sooner than later.
Cost is 15$ US which includes a SOTA flag and DX shipping (normal first class postage).

Detailed info can be seen at:

Yes, the flags all have the Korean on it (as their main aim is domestic propaganda…I must have an eyeball QSO with another legit ham on 75% of my activations!) (though if you want, you can snip off the bottom and re-grommet, making sure to heat sear the new cut so it doesn’t fray).

Thought you might be interested!

73 de Jason
HL4ZFA (ex. HL4/W2VLA)